The Thought Behind smile of India

The inspiration powering Smile of India is the evinced need to bring students and institutes closer, and to ameliorate the perceived information disparity in the education sector that prevents students from making informed decisions regarding higher education. This has led to various issues related to underutilization of opportunities available, sub-optimal deployment of funds in the education sector and general demand-supply gap.

Smile Of India endeavours to attempt a solution to manage the paradox of high dropout ratios alongside scenarios of students not getting admission to the courses of their choice. The overall objective of Smile of India is to baseline the information regarding institutions of higher learning that is available to students and interested stakeholders so as to enable the next generation of Indians, with the power of choice.

Today, information with respect to institute characteristics is obtained through a lot of leg-work, and is often dated. This is fueled by constraints such as lack of time and communication, fierce competition for seats, and uneven distribution of courses and institutes.

*Smile of India– the answer to many questions:
India’s first multi-channel (Phone, Web, Email, SMS, Chat) helpdesk providing updated academic and career related information; and applicable counseling and guidance for multiple institutes and disciplines all the year round. The aim is to empower the student by removing information disparity. This would assist in increasing the number of choices available, resulting in higher levels of satisfaction and trust in the overall system of education in India.

Smile of India strongly believes that right information made available at the right time to the students and parents, allows for informed decision makings.

Smile of India – making the next generation of students in India, smile.