Student Benefits
The primary aim of Smile of India is to reconcile the perceived gap between the students’ needs, interests and qualifications and the information available regarding options with respect to higher education in India.
    Some of the key benefits accruing to students from the services of Smile of India are:
  • Single-source-of-truth for information regarding undergraduate education possibilities in India
  • Access to institutes via multiple electronic channels all the year around – IVR, Phone, Web, Email, SMS, Chat
  • Comprehensive information on academic and career prospects at colleges, universities and public/private institutes all across the country
  • Complete, authentic and up-to-date guidance on institutes’ curricula, fee structure, eligibility criteria, loan/scholarships, affiliations and facilities
  • Information on the latest development in academia – new courses, institutes and disciplines
  • One-to-one personal interaction on demand

These were the tangible benefits. What we promise to deliver is a hassle-free education helpdesk service, that is sure to leave a smile radiating on the face of every student who avails of our service, in the pursuit of higher education in India.